Shabbat Morning began with six outstanding workshops led by NAORRR members. Ken Roseman helped members explore "Life After Retirement"; Rifat Sonsino dealt with the [perplexing question of "How come God created mjiracles in the past, but noit now?"; Richard Address led a workshop on "New Rituals for New Life Stages";
Diane Steinbrink once again delighted those attending her workshop with her portrayal of "Amy Herzog - A New Talent"; Herb Bronstein shared his understanding of "Modern, Modernity, Modernism, Post-Modern"; Steve Foster and Joe Black helped their group give serious thought to "Senior Rabbis and Rabbis Emeriti."
The NAORRR 2018 Shabbat Morning Service was led by Donald Splansky, Jon Haddon(not pictured)  and Norman Patz. The 1st Aliyah was accorded to all those who were attending NAORRR for the first time; the second Aliyah (not pictured) was done by all of the NAORRR past-presidents and their spouses; the third Aliyah honored those celebrating the 50th year of their ordination as well as their spouses and the widow of a member of the class of 1968; .
​The Fourth aliyah honored those who have been ordained as Rabbis in Israel - and their spouses/partners/significant others - for 60 or more years; The Haftarah blessings were chanted by Martin Lawson and the Haftarah was read by Sue Weiss; Howard Shapiro preached the sermon (The text of the sermon can be found on the website page - Presentations at 2018 convention; Donald Berlin delivered a very inspiring Azkarah.
Following a tasty Kiddush and Light Lunch there were four workshop opportunities - Richard Address led a workshop on "Growing Older, Growing Better"; Keith Kronish of Kronish Funeral Services in Boca Raton led a workshop on the"Jewish Funeral Yesterday. Today and Tomorrow: and Rifat Sonsino and Herb Brinstein led a second session of their workshops given earlier that day.
Motzaei Shabbat - A Time for Fun
Rabbi Joe Black - musician extraordinaire - led Havdalah and then presented a concert that delighted one and all...
Shacharit was led by Julian and Susan Cook and the D'var Torah was delivered by Alvin Sugarman.
Guest scholar Josh Weinberg, Director of ARZA, spoke on "Retrospective n Foreign Policy with Special Emphasis on Israel"
The new NAORRR Board held its first meeting under the leadership of Steve Foster..
Sheldon Harr introduced Congresswoman Debra Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), past chairperson of the Democratic National Committee.
A Plenary Session heard reports from Steve Peskind, NAORRR Treasurer, and from a representative of the Reform Pension Board.
The festive Banquet began with a spirited Motzi led by a large group of NAORRR members. Birkat Hamazon was led by Ann and Ralph Mecklenburger.
Julian Cook installed the new board members and officers and the new NAORRR President for 2018 - Steven Foster.
NAORRR 2018 ended with the honoring of those who are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their ordination. Hillel Cohn led NAORRR's  tribute to the rabbis, their spouses and the widows (Paula Tabachnikoff and Sue Weiss). Framed certificates were presented by Connie Golden, Beth and Frank Waldorf. It was truly an occasion to be remembered.