For a number of years NAORRR had a working arrangement with Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) to provide rabbinic services for cruises. The cruises are generally for various holidays - High Holy Days, Chanukah, Passover.

In January, 2013 we were abruptly notified by NCL that they are no longer having chaplains on any of their cruises.  We are currently working with NCL in an attempt to have them reverse this edition. We are also working with other cruise lines and agents who book cruise chaplains to see if we can provide cruise opportunities. As soon as we have word and are able to post new cruise chaplaincy opportunities that will be listed here.
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NAORR Preconvention Board Meeting
 January. 2, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 4:05 PM by Richard Steinbrink, President.

Present: Richard Steinbrink, Harvey Tattelbaum, Donald Berlin, Ralph Kingsley, Ken Weiss, Sue Weiss, Terry Kroloff, Robert Miller, Nina Packman, Seymour Prystowsky, Irwin Goldenberg, Richard Klein, Arnold Trask, Karen Weiner, Ceclle Arnold, Sion David, Ann Folb.

Minutes of January 2013 board meetings were accepted as amended - 2015 convention begins Jan. 1, not Jan. 8
Nominating committee:
Chair Stanley Relkin substituting for Selig Salkowitz
Ann Folb
Louis Rieser
Peter Kasden
Bailey Bloom
Treasurer Ralph Kingsley presented projections for 2013-2015 budget.
Membership is down from 564 to 521
Dues OK despite misprint in newsletter.
Note loss of cruise income due to NCL cancellation of clergy.
Budget accepted unanimously.
2015 Convention Report - Don Berlin
Aaron Panken has accepted to be our scholar. The convention will be held at the 
Embassy Suites Scottsdale, AZ January 1-5, 2015
Some days Tefilah will follow first meeting of the day as is the case this year.

Executive Vice Presidents’ Report – Sue and Ken Weiss
521 members in 335 families
213 attending
NARRR Wallach Fund has a $213,000 balance.
Distribution in 2013 of $2400 (half of what was availble-all that was requested).

Mitzvah-Hesed Funds
Mitzvah now linked to Hesed for real need, no longer for extras.
5% of 3 year balance distributed each year.
Must be requested and each request is reviewed by the committee chaired by Irwin Goldenberg
Assistance is in the form of loans when possible.
The principal is invested with RPB.

Members of class of 1964 attending: 14 rabbis, 9 spouses, 3 first timers.
Kudos to Hillel Cohn for new logo.
How should we approach 60 year olds? Discussion will continue. Nina Packman will work with Ken and Sue to develop a plan

Outreach has 10 volunteers to make connections. This will be part of the portfolio of incoming 2nd VP. Can we better use NAORRRNET and Ohr L’NAORRR to reach out?

New Business
Suggestion was made to add keeper of data, chair of NAORRRNET, and webmaster/newsletter editor ex officio on Board.
Motion by Ralph Kingsley to propose by-law changes to January 2015 convention (30 days advanced notice is required):
1.Create two ex-officio board positions for tech coordinator and communications coordinator\
2.Designate second vice president as chair of membership and outreach for by law change vote at 2015 convention. 
Passed unanimously

Richard Klein made motion to commend Harold Robinson for his service to the Reform Rabbinate with his updates on US military casualties. Passed unanimously.

Harvey Tattelbaum expressed his deep gratitude to Don Berlin for stepping in to help shape the 2014 program. All agreed.

All joined in thanking Richard Steinbrink, Ken and Sue Weiss for all their hard work.

Thanks also to outgoing board members: Nina Packman, Bob Miller, Terry Kroloff and Sim Prystowsky
Adjourned at 5:50 PM.
Richard Klein for Selig Salkowitz.

Minutes of NAORRR Board Meeting
Sunday, January 5, 2014
Orlando. Florida

Present: Cecile Arnold, Sheila Bamberger, Don Berlin, Sion David, Ann Folb, Steve Foster, Irwin Goldenberg, Jon Haddon, Ralph Kingsley, Richard Klein, Steve Peskind, Mark Shapiro, Dick Steinbrink, Jeff Stiffman, Arny Task, Harvey Tattelbaum, Karen Weiner, Ken Weiss. Sue Weiss. Ex-officio: Hillel Cohn, Irwin Ehrlich. Guest: David Spitz (archivist).

Following lunch the meeting was called to order at 1:20 by president, Harvey Tattelbaum. After introductions, Harvey expressed his gratitude to Dick Steinbrink for encouraging him not to give up his position when he became ill, and to Don Berlin for taking over so many of the details of the program.

Concerns were expressed about

-Making sure all speakers are making good use of microphones, since many of our members have hearing deficits. Any board member could move forward to remedy this. 
-Organizing seating at group meals so that people -- especially singles -- don’t have to wander from table to table looking for a place to sit. This was handled somewhat by large signs pointing out where places were available.
-More attention to newcomers, perhaps by assigning board members as “buddies” before the convention. 2nd vice president, as chair of membership and outreach, could arrange the matching.
-Dissatisfaction with the Orlando location/traffic/lack of places to walk to. Sue and Ken pointed out the convenience of meeting spaces in the Wyndham, and the ease of getting from guest rooms to meetings (no one had to walk very far.)

Future conventions

-2015 First week of the year gets the best rates, before “high season.” If Jan 1 is problematic for too many people, perhaps we could start with Shabbat dinner on Jan 2.
-2016 Can we look back at Ft. Myers? Problem was not enough meeting/break-out space; their association with a neighboring hotel might solve this.
-Ken pointed out the value of establishing a relationship with a hotel, and going back year after year – ideally a “host” hotel on each coast.
-Steve Foster suggested setting a dollar limit as a guideline

Ralph Kingsley moved that, given our dissatisfaction with this hotel and the Orlando area, Sue and Ken be authorized to visit other sites in Southwest Florida, to focus on a place or two that fit our criteria, then to e-mail their recommendation to board members for their approval. Second, Ann Folb.
 Foster amendment: set an upper limit of $150 per night. Not passed
Arnold amendment: establish a 3 person time and place committee to work with Ken and Sue. Not passed.
Ralph’s motion was carried, with several nays.

Ken suggested that Florida people need to research hotels and let him and Sue know their findings.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Cecile Arnold, acting secretary in absence of Selig Salkowitz